Our Rescue Station is located on the beach near the public launch site in Melkbosstrand. The boat shed houses both our rescue craft, four-wheel drive vehicle, launch tractor and our personal protective equipment (PPE) such as wet-suits, life-jackets and helmets.

On the same floor we have a well equipped medical facility for dealing some of the more serious trauma cases that have occurred on our beach from time to time as well as ablution facilities for the crew returning from sea.

Our Rescue Base

Upstairs is our Control Room from where all rescue operation are managed and radio communications are maintained with craft at sea. On the same level is our Crew Room where we do all our training courses and hold our meetings. The well-equipped Galley is on the same floor.

It took more than eight years for us to obtain the land for the rescue station. We also had to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and hold a number of Public Participation Meetings before we could submit building plans. Only once these plans were approved and we had raised some of the money needed, could we start construction.





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