So you want to join Sea Rescue?

Firstly, we are a volunteer organization, we don't get paid.  When we are on duty, we are on standby for seven days, 24 hours, come Christmas, New Year, holiday, Sunday lunch or your friends braai...you may be called at any time, if it's your week on duty..

Secondly, their is no glamour in Sea Rescue. Most of the time when we perform rescues, it is way out there where no one can see you, when you return there is seldom press or cameras.

We do it to save lives, "It's what we do".


Still interested?

Come and talk to us. We are at the Base every Friday evening at 6pm.  

Ask any of the crew to show you around and then talk to the Station Commander. Find out what it takes.

See our training page to get an idea of how we train. 

I you have what it takes, we look forward to meeting you.


You can contact the Station Commander,

Rhine Barnes on his cell phone at 082 990 5958.


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