Active Rescue Craft:

Our Rescue Station operates three rescue craft. The boats are ideally suited to our area of operation and are designed to meet our specific needs. They are usually launched from the beach at Melkbosstrand but can be launched from any slip-way as in the case of the 6,5m , "Rotary-Spirit of the Vines" and from any beach as in the case of our 4m Zapcat, "Men's Health Rescuer".

Rotary Spirit of the Vines is equipped with twin Yamaha 90HP motors.In addition to the sophisticated Garmin radar, navigational and radio equipment, she also carries medical and towing equipment and carries four to six  crew aboard.

Men's Health Rescuer is specifically designed as a lightweight, fast response craft able to launch from any beach and is capable to handling big surf conditions,which makes her ideal for getting to swimmers in trouble as well as Kite Boarders,Wind Surfers and Personal Watercraft (PWC's) operating close inshore. She is equipped with a 50HP Yamaha motor and carries two crew aboard.

The Discovery Rescue Runner was specifically designed for Surf Rescue and is imported from Sweden. All Rescue Runners is sponsored by Discovery Health.  It has one crew person and can rescue one casualty at a time. It is aimed at quick inshore, surf rescues and is very fast and agile.

Retired Rescue Craft:

1997 - 2003 ~ Lady Coutts (4.2m Inflatable; Station's first rescue craft)


2000 - 2010 ~ Spirit of Rotary Blouberg (5.5m Semi-Rigid Inflatable with a crew of three to five)




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